So I was hesitant about this…but seriously. yum. how can I say no to him?


I’ve always loved the Devil May Cry series. It’s basically one of the very first games I’ve ever played. The only one I played before it (other than pokemon & mario) would probably be Kingdom Hearts. So I’ve been with the series for a long time now and I’m with the fans when I say I’m sad to see Dante so drastically changed…

However, this trailer looks really interesting. Perhaps because I read the books, I’m more open-minded to this new Dante because I’m desperately hoping the new guy is actually Tony Redgrave. Haven’t read the books? READ THE FIRST ONE. Second one is asi-asi.

I think what looks the most promising is the gameplay with the city. It’s like a videogame and Inception had a baby and this is it. The city melding and reconfiguring itself around you like a living, breathing prison is really interesting. Too bad Dante looks like a friggin’ tool though kudos to Capcom with the devil trigger converting his hair white and his coat red—nice kiss blown to the original awesomeness that is Devil May Cry.

In the end, I don’t know how I feel about this “reboot”. Don’t love the idea of it, but slowly I find myself more and more interested, particularly if this is about Redgrave and Gliver.

…that monster at the end though? Duuuumb. >.> c’mon, seriously?!