Profession: Firebender LIKE A BOSS

Your Affiliation: Order of the White Lotus 

You Will Marry: Sokka (lol that should be interesting)

Number of Kids: A DOZEN o.O shit Sokka

Cockblocked by: June -.-

Where you live: Fire Nation Capital city

Profession : Firebender
Your Affiliation: Ozai’s Angels
You Will Marry : Zuko (LIKE A BOSS)
Number of Kids: Three…..
Cockblocked : Jet
Where you live :City Of Ba Sing Se

  • Profession: Bloodbender
  • Affiliation: Order of the White Lotus
  • Marry: Toph
  • Number of Kids: You adopt
  • Cockblocked by: Sokka
  • Live: Northern Water Tribe

Your Profession: Energy Bender 

Your Affiliation: Kyoshi Warriors

You Will Marry: Zuko

# Of Kids: 1

Cockblocked By: Uncle Iroh

Where You Live: Kyoshi Village