Thanks for the stickers @one_t_only ! #gamercat is now rocking out on my hard drive!

Thanks for the stickers @one_t_only ! #gamercat is now rocking out on my hard drive!


Yes. This. Exactly.


Yes. This. Exactly.


Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”

Ask Me Some Gaming Questions

1: Favorite game(s)?
2: Favorite game from each system?
3: Favorite console?
4: Favorite controller?
5: Favorite classic system?
6: Favorite classic game?
7: The game you want the most?
8: Most underrated game?
9: Most overrated game?
10: Least favorite game?
11: Favorite video game character?
12: A video game character that you hate?
13: Your first video game?
14: The last game you played?
15: Facebook games: Y/N and why?
16: What's your take on Free-to-Play games?
17: PC or Console games?
18: Favorite boss battle?
19: That one game you could never beat?
20: The first game you beat?
21: Favorite video game developer?
22: Favorite video game soundtrack?
23: Favorite video game song?
24: Your one guilty pleasure game?
25: Favorite game genre?
26: Sports games: Y/N and why?
27: Favorite Mario game?
28: Favorite Pokémon game?
29: Favorite Zelda game?
30: Favorite Halo game?
31: Would you consider yourself a casual gamer, a hardcore gamer, or somewhere in between?
32: Game you've spent the most hours on?
33: Favorite video game weapon/item?
34: Favorite video game level?
35: Favorite video game visuals?
36: Favorite video game enemy?
37: Most annoying video game enemy?
38: Favorite mobile game?
39: Favorite multiplayer game?
40: Favorite singleplayer game?
41: Favorite video game secret?
42: The hardest game you've ever played?
43: The scariest game you've ever played?
44: The most addicting game you've ever played?
45: Favorite rhythm/music game?
46: Favorite indie game?
47: Best game to stay up all night playing?
48: That game or series you've been playing since you were little?
49: Funniest thing you've ever done in a game?
50: Best video game memory?


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(Trying this again.) It feels like I’ve lost my touch so I figured I’d ask. <3 Sounds like everyone has a similar sort of way of doing it but diffrent too. <3

Haha, no, I got-cha. It’s totally true (how everyone has a similar but different way of doing things); but I doubt very much that you’ve lost your touch, miss! Creating is like riding a bike, you just need the right thing to get you going. 

It just seems like I’ve forgotten how to do them. XD So I’ve figured I’d ask. Sounds like everyone hasa similar sort of way of doing it.

No worries. I wish I had a definite formula to hand over and say “this is it”. I don’t know. I was trying to consider how my methods might have changed now but I haven’t actually thought about ‘the process’ in a long time now… I mean, another thing (I don’t know if this’ll help) is think about what you, as a story-consumer, enjoy and what you think people would like to see and build from there. 

Oh hey! So I asked Fera and Bella this.--- This is a strange question, and I know you're not really vidding anymore. o0 But back when you were, how did you get ideas for story vids? I've been dying to do some (and some masking) but I have no ideas what so ever. What did you do? You made some amazing story vids. <3

Haha - oh wow, thanks! Man… Yeah, it has been a while. Well, I had a couple of different methods. One thing that really helped was that it was all for fun so there was never any pressure. But sometimes I would just know that there was a particular line a character said and I’d build from there. Sometimes it was just I knew there were two characters I wanted to interact. Sometimes it was just that I liked a certain song so I’d listen to it until I could see the story that would fit with it… It probably all sounds too, I don’t know…whimsical? But I’d storyboard when I needed to. Other times I’d write it out like fanfiction first. Other other times I would go through and log the timecodes to certain clips I wanted to use and build from there. It really just depended - I didn’t really have one set way. 

What do stars do? They shine.


Pre-serum Steve

Watercolor portrait. The above pic was still a WIP, there were a couple of details missing like the stripes on the shirt.

Watercolor, inks, Prismacolor pencils, Liquitex (acrylic painting) for the white highlights. 13,5 x 20 cm sketchbook, watercolor paper.

Other watercolor portraits: Dean Winchester - Sam Winchester & Jared