I think I know who that was… ;o;

I’m sure you do! Haha, oh geez. He’s such an asshole 100% of the time. And he literally said that no more than 5 seconds after he asked how I did on my final today. WELL DUH, fucker, OH COURSE IT’S A MESS. GO AWAY.

When someone walks past your room and says, “God, you’ve got to clean your room.” Excuse me, fuck you. I’m here about 4 minutes out of the fucking day before I go to sleep and no one made you come in here. Go away. Your opinion is not appreciated. I will clean my room in my own damn good time. WHEN I FUCKING HAVE IT.

Now, I think it’s fair to say: You’re a bit of a stubborn one, are ya not?

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I’m too chicken-shit to read this 5min thing


annie96 is typing…

if any of you guys are interested.

*Edit: wtf, creepy but kinda expected a lot worse. yay I’m still alive.

NYC BITCHES!! What, what?

BBT Voting Starts Now

Hey guys! I’m a competitor in a GMV BBT going on right now and voting for the first round has started, so go take a look and if you like my entry, vote for me! http://youtu.be/NfeWZTINndc


What do you call the technique Bucky uses to stare his target down? 

The Winter Smolder.



"Who the hell is Bucky?"

Captain America: The Winter Soldier © Marvel


Beautiful editing is beautiful.